USDA and Blue Biofuels Collaborate to Optimize Royal Herb

By Blue Biofuels Inc. | January 07, 2022

Blue Biofuels Inc. and the USDA Agricultural Research Service are working together to optimize the yields of Pennisetum hybridum, commonly known as king grass, a perennial herbaceous biomass crop, which the company uses as a feedstock for its patented process. transformation of cellulose into sugar (CTS).

The USDA ARS and BIOF are working together to develop production methods that can be used to increase the productivity of land in Florida once used for orange production before the industry was devastated by citrus greening. Growing a perennial grass biomass crop may add additional profit opportunities for Florida and other parts of the United States with climates suitable for tropical biomass production.

This agreement will explore the ability to minimize inputs using nitrogen-fixing cover crops, or other production practices, while maintaining or increasing biomass yields. USDA ARS will gain knowledge that will then be published, and BIOF will optimize its biomass feedstock production practices. The knowledge acquired through this agreement will be made available to producers to enable them to efficiently supply the biomass raw material required for the production of sugars for cellulosic ethanol or transformed into renewable jet fuel.

USDA ARS and BIOF will provide the necessary resources for the project. BIOF has a research farm near Arcadia, Florida, on which royal grass grows, and facilities to perform tests for production trials; USDA ARS will provide the expertise and harvesting equipment to collect materials for storage, processing and conversion by BIOF.

It is important to note that the essays will be set up to allow for public presentations and publications. The work will be open access via the scientific and popular press to enable local producers and others to use production practices developed to help supply raw materials to BIOF facilities and other bioenergy conversion facilities. This project enables BIOF and USDA ARS to support missions to help producers develop integrated solutions that solve their problems related to productivity, profitability, energy efficiency and natural resource management.

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