To thwart BJP’s campaign for 2024 elections, Odisha’s BJD to issue ballot on poll pledges – Reuters

By Express press service

BHUBANESWAR: As BJP targets BJD government for ‘non-implementation of its 2019 election promises’ and set to make it a major campaign issue for 2024 general election, ruling party will soon launch an exercise to take stock of the social protection schemes launched by it to the rhythm of announcements.

As ensuring the security of the shelters was one of the main announcements made by the BJD in the manifesto, the party decided to emphasize the conversion of kutcha houses into pucca houses and the handing over of land and property rights to the inhabitants of the slums residing in all municipalities under the JAGA mission. .

BJD State Deputy Chairman Debi Prasad Mishra said the government had kept almost all the promises made in the 2019 election manifesto and that the people, who had benefited from the schemes, would themselves push back against the campaign disinformation from the opposition.

In addition to ensuring food security for all by continuing the `1 rice per kg program and opening more Aahar centers in more places, the party also kept its promise to issue smart health cards in the framework of the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana to all eligible beneficiaries in the state, he said.

Stating that the government of Odisha is the most farmer-friendly, Mishra said a large number of small and marginal farmers have been brought under the fold of government procurement and benefited from the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Mishra alleged that, on the other hand, it was the BJP that failed to deliver on the promises made to the people of the state. Alleging that the party promised a special category state for Odisha in the 2014 manifesto, Mishra said that in the 2019 manifesto there was no mention of it.

However, BJP General Secretary Golak Mohapatra has dismissed BJD claims that almost all of the promises made in the 2019 elections by the BJD have been kept. The BJD promised to extend health services to all panchayats, but forgot about it after coming to power.

Describing the BJD government as one of the most anti-farmers in the country, Mohapatra said the party forgot about the promise of zero interest loans to farmers. Furthermore, the announcement to increase land under irrigation to 35% of cultivable land, the appointment of doctors in all hospitals and teachers in all schools were never kept by the BJD, he said. he adds.

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