The Recorder – Montague seeks $80,000 grant to envision climate resilience

Posted: 2022-05-06 15:37:57

MONTAGUE — The selection committee has approved city planner Walter Ramsey’s proposal to apply for $80,000 through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant program to “integrate climate resilience into the overall plan of Montague”.

Montague is in the process of rewriting its 1999 comprehensive plan, which includes chapters dealing with areas such as climate resilience, housing, community facilities and services, transportation, economic development and land use. The revised plan “will emphasize planning for climate resilience so the city can be prepared to address the vulnerabilities identified” in the 2018 MVP plan, according to a letter that selection committee chairman Rich Kuklewicz wrote. to the Secretary of State for Energy and Environmental Affairs, Kathleen Theoharides. . Primarily, Ramsey said, the grant would be used to hire a consultant to write the overall plan.

In his speech to the Selectboard, Ramsey stressed the importance of focusing on climate resilience. The narrative of the grant application project highlights Montague’s climate-related challenges, including “flooding, extreme temperatures, wildfires, invasive species, and climate migration.” The story also recapped that Montague’s MVP plan found “the most threatening hazards” include infrastructure and transportation issues, vacant industrial land, erosion, fire hazards, and floodplains.

“The angle I propose for the MVP program … is to infuse climate change preparedness throughout the plan and to do so robustly in every chapter,” Ramsey said.

If awarded a grant, the consultant hired would likely be from the Franklin Regional Council of Governments, Ramsey said. The consultant would be paid $85 per hour to complete the planning and development of six chapters, as well as lead community engagement and project coordination. Ramsey said the work would include drafting the plan, working with citizen advisers and returning to the planning council in anticipation of the plan’s adoption at the town hall.

Ramsey stressed the importance of public participation, suggesting the development of a community engagement plan. He also suggested the city distribute a stipend to residents to participate in a citizens’ advisory committee, as well as childcare assistance, in an effort to “get people to show up.”

The city would be responsible for matching at least 25% of the grant amount in fiscal years 2023 and 2024. Montague intends to fund up to $28,000 over the two-year period through in-kind and cash contributions. species. The in-kind contribution, valued at $15,000, would include administrative support through dedicated staff time. The cash contribution, valued at $13,000, would be made available from the Community Development Discretionary Fund or an alternative credit decided by the Selectboard.

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