The Israeli pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will host a three-day event organized by Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety will host a three-day transport event at the Israel Pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai from 24and January to 26and January 2022. The event will bring together senior executives from transport companies and authorities from Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The first day will focus on smart transport, the day will start with a conference on smart mobility for smart and resilient cities, followed by a panel on “planning the city of the future and advanced traffic management”. The day will also include discussions on technology. Speakers for the first will include His Excellency Mr. Merav Michaeli, Minister of Transport, who will join via video conference and Mr. Shay Soffer, PhD. Researcher at the Ministry of Transport

Transport cybersecurity will be the theme of the second day. Throughout the day, problems such as; cyber protection challenges and solutions for maritime, air and land transport will be discussed. Also on the agenda for the day, a discussion on threats and solutions within cybersecurity, for the civil aviation sector.

The last day is entitled “Regional Transport – Freight, Logistics and Maritime: Regional Transport in a New Geopolitical Reality and Regional Transport Corridors”. The day will feature two panel discussions of experts on alternative trade routes in the Middle East, maritime transport and smart logistics. The day will also include a conference on advanced technologies in port infrastructure. The three-day event will conclude with conferences on innovations for ports. Notable speakers on the final day will include Mr. Opher Eliashar, Director of Economic Planning.

Dr. Shay Soffer, Head of Israel’s Transportation Delegation and Chief Scientist at the Transportation Ministry, said:

“Over the past 135 years, the invention of the car and the internal combustion engine has taken mankind a huge step forward. This revolution has also taken a heavy toll, causing widespread traffic jams, traffic accidents, the road and high air pollution, leading to high death rates.

“It’s both a huge problem in Israel and around the world. Governments have the power to make a big difference both in the area of ​​smart mobility, automated electric vehicles and in promoting public or shared travel, these options have proven to lead to a dramatic reduction in congestion, pollution and road accidents. Intelligent transport, cybersecurity used for transport security and regional transport are among the most important topics of our national and regional policy. We have a wonderful collaboration between our partners in the United Arab Emirates and with colleagues from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I urge all participants to be as proactive as possible and join us at this important transportation event for the benefit of the citizens of our countries and for the future of our children.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport has provided the following link for those wishing to attend the sessions and benefit from the discussions


About the Israeli Pavilion

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