Texans 100: facts, figures for the Cardinals


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69. 15.6% of Texans’ workouts end in turnovers, the fifth highest in the NFL.

70. 50.8% of Cardinals’ practices end with scores, the fourth highest in the league.

71. Houston’s rushing offense is tied with the Raiders for the fewest yards per carry in the NFL at 3.3.

72. Houston generates 87.2 rushing yards per game, the seventh under in the league.

73. Arizona generates 130.7 rushing yards per game, tied with the Bills for the fifth-smallest in the NFL.

74. The Texans are tied with the Chargers for most missed tackles in the league at 50.

75. The Texans generated 40 pushes, tied with the Giants for the second fewest in the NFL.

76. The Cardinals generated 63 pushes, the 10th highest in the NFL.

77. The Texans are tied with the Giants for fifth fewer sacks with 10.

78. Arizona have 17 sacks, fifth in the league.

79. The Texans called 30 blitzes, the least in the NFL.

80. Arizona called 70 blitz, the eighth-highest number in the NFL.

81. Houston surrendered 589 yards after the capture, the league’s fifth under.

82. The Cardinals surrendered 572 yards after the catch, the fourth smallest in the NFL.

83. The opposing quarterbacks generated an 85.3 passer rating against the Cardinals defense, the fifth lowest in the NFL.

84. Arizona’s defense allows for 5.2 yards per carry, tied with the Chiefs for the second-most in the NFL.

85. Houston’s defense is tied with the Panthers for the fifth most yards per carry given at 4.7.

86. The Texans are allowing 141.3 rushing yards per game, the second-highest in the league.

87. The Cardinals are giving up 128.0 rushing yards per game, tied with the Vikings for the ninth-highest number in the NFL.

88. Houston has the seventh best down conversion rate at 44.0%.

89. The Cardinals have the eighth highest conversion rate at 43.5%.

90. The Texans have the second lowest first down yardage average at 4.2.

91. The Cardinals have the 10th lowest yardage average earned on the first down at 5.2.

92. Houston is also the second lowest in average yards gained on second down at 4.4.

93. The Cardinals have the sixth-highest second-down yardage average at 6.3.

94. The Texans have the fourth fewest red zone trips in the NFL at 13.

95. The Cardinals have the ninth-highest red zone conversion percentage at 67.9%.

96. The Texans are tied for third most records ending in turnovers in opposing territory with five.

97. Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is tied with Mike Williams for second most touchdowns with six.

98. Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks is tied with DJ Moore for fifth most receptions at 40.

99. The Texans have only played once on October 24. In 2016, they lost 27-9 to the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football.

100. The Cardinals are 4-7-1 on October 24. Here are the results :

1920 – @Rock Island Independents, 0-7 – L

1926 – @Milwaukee Badgers, 3-2 – W

1937 – @PIT, 13-7 – W

1943 – @WAS, 7-13 – L

1948 – Boston Yanks, 49-27 – W

1954 – CLE, 3-35 – L

1965 – WAS, 20-24 – L

1971 – SF, 14-26 – L

1983 – NYG, 20-20 – T

1993 – @SF, 14-28 – L

2004 – SEA, 25-17 – W

2010 – @SEA, 10-22 – L

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