Suspected catalytic converter thief lands behind bars

David Wayne Synrex

A suspected catalytic converter thief arrested multiple times last year has landed behind bars.

David Wayne Synrex, 39, of Ocklawaha, was being held at the Lake County Jail this weekend following his multi-warrant arrest.

Synrex had been arrested last year at Lady Lake. Several tools commonly used in catalytic converter theft were prominently displayed in his vehicle. These tools included a battery-powered DeWalt saw, several screwdrivers, batteries, and latex gloves. When he was arrested at Rolling Acres Road and County Road 466, he was looking for a firearm. He was also driving with a suspended license.

A week later, while free on $16,000 bond, he was arrested for the crime of grand larceny after an all-terrain vehicle disappeared.

He was also charged with the theft last year of catalytic converters worth $5,000 and $3,000. They were stolen from RVs stored at the Tri-AM RV Center in Marion County. Synrex had been spotted there with a woman in the early hours. A DNA sample on a flashlight linked him to the crime scene.

Local law enforcement authorities have been warning for many months about lust of thieves for the precious metals contained in catalytic converters.

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