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BHOPAL: Angered by the alleged religious conversion of poor children (as reported in local and social media), activists in saffron outfits and local residents broke into the premises of St Joseph’s School in Ganj Basoda, city of Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh, throwing stones and damaging the property of the Christian missionary school.

Violence by the Saffron Brigade and local residents inside the school premises occurred as students in class XII took the math exam inside the examination room . As stones thrown by the violent crowd damaged the windows of the school building, students taking their exams inside the classrooms were clean-shaven as pieces of shattered glass fell into the classroom. exam. The candidates were moved in time to another part of the school.

Pupils in Class XII, who sat for exams indoors, later said they were scared after the violence on the school premises. “We were moved in time to another part of the school after the window panes started to break and fall inside from the stones being thrown. Our concentration was affected as the exam took been disturbed. We want the math exam to take place again, “the students said. .

Denying the allegations of religious conversion of eight Hindu children at the school or associated church, the school principal, Brother Anthony, said the violence had caused losses worth several lakh rupees. “We feared such an incident and had informed the local administration and police as well as the regional office of the CBSE in Bhopal in advance of such a possibility, but the police and administration still did not act in time. . ”

Local Bajrang Dal leader Nilesh Agrawal, who was among the angry and violent crowd, said the protest was staged following photos and reporting of the school’s religious conversion of eight poor Hindu children. recently. “We have called on the state government and local administration to fully investigate the matter and to bulldoze the school building if the school is found to be lenient in the religious conversion of the eight Hindu children. . The school is being built on the land donated by a wealthy landowner Rajesh Mathur for running a medical and health facility, we will ask him to reclaim the land, if it is established that the school leadership was lenient in the religious conversion of children. If an investigation by the administration establishes that the school is lenient in conversion, then it should be bulldozed by the administration, ”demanded Agrawal.

According to Ganj Basoda SDM, Roshan Rai, “an investigation has been opened into the alleged religious conversion of children by the school and the school administration will be questioned about it.”

Vidisha District Police Commissioner Monika Shukla, who reached the town of Ganj Basoda (110 km from MP Bhopal’s capital) upon learning of the violence, said the whole case was under investigation. investigation and that appropriate legal action would be taken against the perpetrators.

Importantly, the chairman of the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR) Priyank Kanoongo recently wrote to Vidisha district collector Umashankar Bhargav to investigate complaints about religious conversion. of eight children on October 31, 2021 by the parish of St Joseph in the city of Ganj Basoda. The Commission had asked the district collector of Vidisha to submit a report on the measures taken (ATR) in the matter within seven days.

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