State Senator Jason Heitkamp announces ND House race

State Senator Jason Heitkamp, ​​a conservative Republican from Wyndmere, has announced that he will run for the North Dakota House of Representatives in District 25.

The 26th District was dissolved after the 2020 census and, coupled with redistribution issues, Heitkamp decided that the best solution for him would be to report to North Dakota House to advance the work of the people.

In a press release, Heitkamp said he was running for the North Dakota House to continue his work on protecting the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

One of Heitkamp’s main platforms is to reduce property taxes. During the last legislative session, Heitkamp was the main sponsor of a bill to remove the ability for school districts to have a mill tax, which he said could reduce property taxes from 45 to 55%.

Heitkamp said the constitution provided for schools to be maintained with funding from the North Dakota Trust Lands not factory royalties.

“I think they just convinced people that we have to use this factory tax to run the schools, and we have billions of dollars in an account in the school land trust fund,” Heitkamp said. . “What we should have is a plan where we have a 30 year plan and we know which schools are what age. We have people auditing buildings all the time across the state, and we know when they need a new building, and when they need to renovate the building, and then we budget every two years at the same time. legislature.

Heitkamp said he would not vote to remove all property taxes until another source of funding could be allocated to the sheriff’s departments.

Heitkamp has been embroiled in many anti-abortion and pro-gun issues in the state, and he is on the sponsorship committee for the term limit measure that is expected to be in next year’s poll.

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