Seares: Has a Cebu ever chosen Bongbong? Ping Lacson has lost more than the resources of the Partido Reporma. Children were “used” in the protest against Carbon, Garganera says.

PDP-LABAN Cusi Wing announced Tuesday, March 22 that it has endorsed the candidacy of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

This means that President Rodrigo Duterte tells political allies the choice of the ruling party, which is probably also the president’s choice. Previously, the PDP-Laban Cusi wing had chosen Sara Duterte-Carpio as a bet for the vice-presidency.

It is therefore now the BBM-Sara tandem for the presidential party. Bong bong? Didn’t Duterte widely imply that Bongbong is weak and may be addicted to cocaine, and that a lawyer would make a better president?

The president has yet to officially announce his choice. But this is the “logical conclusion” of the party’s decision. Yet the president can just shake people up, he often does. Duterte sometimes says this, but means something else. Or say this now and say another the next day.

PING HAS LOST MORE THAN A PARTY. Presidential aspirant Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma, known simply as Partido Reporma, has dropped its presidential candidate Panfilo Lacson in favor of Leni Robredo. Ping Lacson resigned from the party on Thursday March 24, but announced that he was not giving up the race.

The party was organized by former Secretary of Defense Renato de Villa to run for president in 1988. De Villa and his vice president, Oscar Orbos, lost. In the 2004 race, Reporma backed Aksyon Demokratiko’s Raul Roco who, with Cebu de Promdi’s Lito Osmeña as running mate, also lost. He did not endorse a presidential and vice-presidential candidate in 2016 and this year initially backed Lacson, but dropped him for Leni Robredo. He has only one seat in the House and 0 seats in the Senate.

Its president is former Speaker of the House Pantaleon Alvarez and has no president.

In short, it does not have many resources in terms of civil servants in place and political leaders on the ground.

Ping Lacson and his running mate Tito Sotto may not have technically lost a party since Comelec would still consider them to have the party name on their nomination and nomination certificate. But symbolically, the change in support may symbolize, according to one political observer, a “sinking ship”.

BOPK under Margot Osmeña in Cebu City supports Leni Robredo and Tito Sotto.

“PROTESTING” CHILDREN. Cebu City Councilman Joel Garganera said he sent the Human Rights Commission, DSWD and the city’s police office for women and children a video clip of a March 11 incident, in which a group of children rushed to the gate of the market administration. office at Carbon Market Unit 2 along Quezon Blvd.

Kons Joel alleged that the children, “in a clearly orchestrated way”, showed “aggressiveness towards market authorities”. Witness affidavits may be required. The video clip showed the children, within seconds, running towards the door, some of them briefly bumping into it with their little bodies and then running back to where they started. They could simply be playing – or being or being exploited for selfish ends, as the complaint suggests.

It is possible that the children were used to dramatize the protest of some sellers against the question of the “privatization” of Carbon.

POLITICIANS HATED BOBBY. Most of them had no love lost for the radio commentator and columnist who was laid to rest on Monday March 21. The few who didn’t hate him were friends who were, or tried to be, close to him.

In death, however, Bobby’s enemies did not show their true feelings publicly. Published obituaries had few comments from politicians: only one, which is how he stood out, issued a statement. Bureau of Land Transportation Victor Caindec publicly thanked Bobby, not for his skills or his journalistic virtues, but, he said, for helping him become “sikat” or famous. Cainec even sent flowers – and not before Bobby died.

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