Regulate the mobility of people from upstream to downstream: Ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Transportation Ministry said it continues to regulate the mobility of people on modes of transport, upstream to downstream, to reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19.

“Even though people are not prohibited from traveling, we are still implementing health protocols by limiting travel destinations and tightening travel regulations. We are trying to control the mobility of people from there. upstream to downstream, “ministry spokeswoman Adita Irawati said on Tuesday. .

The Department of Transportation has found that the rate of day-to-day COVID-19 transmission tends to be stable even though public mobility is quite high, she informed.

The ministry continues to coordinate with various ministries and institutions such as the Home Office, COVID-19 task force, national police and local governments to maintain the mobility of people, she said.

“People need to be aware and stay vigilant in the midst of the pandemic. Because these travel rules have been established for their safety,” she noted.

For the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, the Ministry of Transport has issued technical instructions that regulate inland land transport through Circular Letter number 109 of 2021, Irawati said.

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According to the regulations, all travelers must be fully vaccinated, use the PeduliLindungi app and bring a negative result of an antigen test carried out within 1×24 hours of travel, she informed.

Meanwhile, passengers under the age of 12 are required to present a negative RT-PCR result, with a test of the sample taken within 3×24 hours before departure, she said.

“This is the main requirement for all passengers using ground transport, whether public or private,” she explained.

In addition, the passenger capacity of public transport was limited to 75% and transport operators were asked to sterilize vehicles by spraying disinfectant, she said.

Irawati added that the ministry also continued to urge people to travel more wisely and advised against non-essential travel.

“People have to be wiser when deciding their travel plan. They have to be wiser when deciding whether or not to travel,” she noted.

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