Prospect ECHN donates 11-acre plot to Manchester Land Trust | Manchester

MANCHESTER – The Manchester Land Conservation Trust announced on Wednesday that it will receive an 11-acre plot as a donation from Manchester Memorial Hospital at Prospect-ECHN.

The property, worth an estimated $100,000, is a wooded area bounded by Manchester Memorial Hospital and the Cheney Rail Trail, the organizations said.

The land trust said the plot could serve as habitat for the eastern toad, a type of amphibian listed as endangered under Connecticut’s endangered species law.

Although often called a toad, the eastern toad is actually a primitive frog and one of the rarest amphibians in the northeastern United States, according to the Department of Energy and Conservation. environment.

ECHN CEO Deborah Weymouth said the land would also serve as a footpath.

“We hope this gateway will encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle to benefit their mind, body and overall well-being,” Weymouth said.

Land trust chairman Dermot Jones quoted environmentalist chairman Theodore Roosevelt as saying, “We will have done well in treating this given natural resource as an asset to be ‘passed on to the next generation whose value has increased and not diminished’. .

The ECHN has provided monetary donations to cover the cost of a survey and will help clear the land.

The Manchester Land Conservation Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acquisition, preservation and maintenance of open space land and water resources.

in Manchester and surrounding towns, protecting the habitat of animals, birds and plants, according to its website.

Its most recent prior acquisition was in May 2021, when the trust announced it had raised approximately $1.7 million to purchase Lombardo Farm to maintain it as open space. The 102-acre site features mature forest and a small spring-fed pond, both of which provide wildlife habitat. An open meadow on the property provides habitat for migrating birds and pollinator species.

The trust owns 490 acres of woodland, meadows, ponds and a historic railway trail in Manchester, Andover, Bolton, East Hartford, Glastonbury and Vernon.

Austin Mirmina covers Manchester and Bolton.

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