‘Promised Land’ Episode 4 Preview: Has Lettie Lost Joe’s Trust? Conflicting Sandovals

It’s almost time for a new episode of ABC’s new family drama “Promised Land,” and exploring the Sandoval family is getting more complicated by the minute. Based on the Latinx family-owned winery, the story revolves around achieving and sustaining the American Dream.

‘Promised Land’ previously saw Antonio dig into his father’s past as he planned a coup with his mother. Joe’s stepson Mateo knows his secret as the struggle to maintain and grow the business grows. With new information popping up during every watch, here’s a look at what’s to come in the next episode that’s coming out soon.


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Episode 3 of the Latinx drama saw Joe (John Ortiz) discover Lettie (Cecilia Suárez) with Billy (Yul Vazquez) in the church as he watched in amazement. The preview for the fourth episode sees a furious Joe learning that his brother has been in town for a month now, which leads to him throwing a mean punch in the face. Now we know that Lettie and Billy have a history and share a son Mateo (Augusto Aguilera) but there’s more to the story than we know. Billy’s return will see the two brothers face off once more with a possible shocking revelation.

We also see a glimpse of the past as a young Lettie (Katya Martín), Joe (Andres Velez), and Billy (Rolando Chusan) get pulled over by a cop. We’ve already seen Lettie’s sister get kidnapped with a young Margaret (Kerri Medders) providing them with a means of money. All three get caught with the money as the cop wonders what three Mexicans are doing with a thousand dollars. Their status as illegal immigrants threatens to expose them as time is running out to hand over the ransom money.

At the same time, there are conflicts within the Sandoval family as we see Veronica (Christina Ochoa) rehash a difficult past where Margaret (Bellamy Young) left them. Previously, Carmen’s (Mariel Molino) reconnection with her mother had angered Joe and it looks like it will get worse as she invites Margaret to her party. Antonio (Tonatiuh) always the sneaky fox, is seen sporting a sly smile and looks like the nosy son may have finally found some dirt on his dad. The teaser ends as Joe says, “I trusted you and I don’t think we can come back,” with a distressed Lettie hiding the fact that Billy was back, flashing onscreen. It looks like there’s trouble in heaven as Joe who hates his ex-wife is seen dancing with her under Lettie’s annoyed gaze.

“Promised Land” returns with a new episode Monday at 10/9 C on ABC. You can also stream it on Hulu.

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