Plans for carbon negative wedding venue and barn conversion among planning applications in the Borough of Gedling this week

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Plans for a carbon-negative wedding venue in Arnold and a barn conversion in Bestwood are among planning requests that have been made this week in the borough of Gedling

Every week dozens of planning applications are submitted to the council – and the recent coronavirus pandemic has not changed that.

Here is the list of applications that have been submitted and validated by Gedling Borough Council in the last week.

Visit the council site HERE the links below to find out more and have your say…


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Project for single storey rear extension (solarium) of existing veranda to be removed
65 Aylesham Avenue Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 6PP
Ref. No: 2022/0175

Change of land use to form a seasonal, green and carbon negative wedding venue (from June 1 to August 31 inclusive), including the location of two linked teepees, a WC trailer and a security system. ‘renewable energy.
Crawl Covert Wood Mansfield Road Arnold Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2022/0172

Proposed loft conversion with pitched roof rear dormers
20 Ashington Drive Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 8GH
Ref. No: 2022/0157

First floor side extension and single storey rear extension.
6 Armfield Arnold Road NG5 6QY
Ref. No: 2022/0141


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Conversion of an agricultural barn into two dwellings (resubmission of 2016/0640)
Lower House Farm Mansfield Road Bestwood Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 8PH
Ref. No: 2021/1298

Application sketch for the construction of an individual dwelling
Adjacent Land 66 Woodchurch Road Bestwood Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/1223

Burton Joyce

Single storey side extension
9 Main Street Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5DX
Ref. No: 2022/0144


Convert integral garage into property; remove the garage door and replace it with a window
55 Renals Way Calverton NG14 6PH
Ref. No: 2022/013


No planning request this week


Increase the height of the garage roof ridge with a front skylight and a balcony; remove the rear veranda roof and replace it with a flat roof with roof lantern and overhang.
5 Musters Croft Colwick Nottinghamshire NG4 2EY
Ref. No: 2022/0180


No planning request this week


No planning request this week


No planning request this week


Erecting a new gazebo over an existing rear garden for the therapeutic use of a disabled user
105 Wighay Road Linby Nottinghamshire NG15 8AH
Ref. No: 2022/0162


Construction of an attached garage
44A Chedington Avenue Mapperley Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG3 5SG
Ref. No: 2022/0140

Lateral extension on one level.
2 Steedman Avenue Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 6DL
Ref. No: 2022/0154


Raising the roof height of the single storey aspect of the building
2A Forester Street Netherfield Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG4 2NJ
Ref. No: 2022/0168


Two-stage front extension
2 Grove Close Newstead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 9HU
Ref. No: 2022/0048


No planning request this week


Fallen 5 no. Scots pine (T1-T5) and felled Norway spruce (T6).
3 Pilgrim Close Ravenshead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 9EQ
Ref. No.: 2022/0211TPO

Erection of first floor extension to front/side elevation. Modifications to windows and two-storey bay window. Rendering of the facade and part of the side elevations.
128 Nottingham Road Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9HL
Ref. No: 2022/0160

Maintaining the front perimeter wall, railings and gates and gate pillars
32A Sheepwalk Lane Ravenshead NG15 9FE
Ref. No: 2021/1403

red hill

Single storey side extension
36 Larkspur Avenue Redhill Nottinghamshire NG5 8JU
Ref. No: 2022/0155

Stoke Bardolph

No planning request this week


No planning request this week


No planning request this week

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