Pa. Election 2022: If Limerick Twp. increase taxes to preserve free space?

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Amid an influx of development plans in Montgomery County Limerick Township, the township is proposing an open space tax – a tax increase on earned income that would be used to preserve open space.

Residents will make the final call in the November ballot.

A polling question asks the Township of Limerick if it wants a 25% increase in total township income tax to be used solely for the purchase of open space. The funds could create more recreational lands, passive lands, parks and trails.

The township and its school district, Spring Ford Area School District, already collect 0.5% of earned income each, totaling a 1% earned income tax for township residents. If this tax is enacted, the total tax on earned income would be 1.25%. For every $50,000 of taxable income (the median household income is $96,914), according to Limerick, the EIT will increase by $125.

For 2023, Limerick will receive approximately $5.4 million in tax on earned income. With the proposed increase, Limerick estimated it would receive an additional $2.1 million per year.

With a population of just over 20,000, Limerick has recently experienced a Party of development – ​​including proposed warehouses on 116 acres of land and plans for more than 450 housing units and a 332-unit apartment complex – which has caused some concern among residents.

Open space in Limerick Township. (Courtesy Limerick Open Space Plan)

“One of the big issues for anyone who’s lived in the township is the amount of development that’s going on right now. And right now, the township has nothing to do to slow it down or stop it,” Allen Dowhie Jr., a township resident and former member of the township’s now disbanded Citizens’ Advisory Committee, said for the plan. of open space.

Dowhie said the move allows the township to act effectively against rapid development.

“We’re just trying to proactively get ahead and preserve as much open space as possible,” Dowhie said.

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