Marvel’s Original Human Torch Could Save Namor

While the Marvel Universe, as fans know, has always been filled with spectacular heroes and amazing adventures, there are few things fans love more than getting a glimpse of what the future might hold. reserve for their favorite characters. Unfortunately, the usual circumstances that make up this particular breed of stories are usually some of the worst imaginable. This turned out to be true thanks to a myriad of “old man” tales over the years, and that’s certainly the case with Namor’s latest return to the spotlight. However, for the latter, there’s at least a chance things could turn around, and it’s all thanks to a classic character whose light is unable to turn off.

The dark future world of Namor the Submarine: Conquered Shores #2 (by Christopher Cantwell, Pasqual Ferry, Matt Hollingsworth, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) finds Atlantis thriving beneath the waves, while the surface world suffers from a lack of land, resources, and even fresh air . While Namor has made it his mission to help the last remnants of humanity in any way possible, his efforts have not been as well received as he hoped. Although his last trek to the surface nearly ended in utter disaster, the former king of atlantis was saved by the unexpected appearance of the original Human Torch. At first glance, it’s slightly surprising that the torch is still burning after all this time, but the fact that he could potentially save the entire world single-handedly is what makes his return truly miraculous.

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The First Human Torch Is Marvel’s Least Expected Hero

namor conquered the shores 2 its own fuel source

Jim Hammond, aka the Human Torch, is arguably the oldest of all Marvel superheroes, his first appearance being in 1939. Marvel Comics #1 (by Carl Burgos, Al Anders and Bill Everett). The creation of Professor Phineas Horton, Hammond is an android with exceptional pyrokinetic properties. Initially, the torch was deemed too dangerous to keep intact, though that changed soon after Hammond showed himself capable of astonishing heroic feats. In the years that followed, the Human Torch and Namor became fast enemies, but the threat of a common enemy in the form of the Axis powers during World War II turned their relationship upside down just as quickly.

Along with Captain America, Hammond and Namor trained the invaders to fight on behalf of the rest of the world, and while the first Human Torch disappeared for a while after the team disbanded, he certainly didn’t fade away completely. Throughout the modern era, Hammond has fought against Immortus and Mad Thinker, helped Luke Cage and Danny Rand revive their Heroes for Hire organization, and even went to war with heroes and villains all over the multiverse. Almost every time Hammond would be least expected, he took the opportunity to make a comeback, usually with the goal of saving the world. Now that he’s back in the pages of conquered shoresit seems to be the case yet again thanks to Hammond’s unfathomable ability to act as his own eternal fuel source.

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Marvel’s Original Human Torch Exists in the Dark

namor conquered the shores 2 saw myself

Even Namor himself is more than willing to admit that the Human Torch’s most unsuspecting superpower is how unexpected his frequent appearances tend to be. That he didn’t take to the stars like so many other heroes in this timeline might not mean much on its own. That no one on Earth realized that Hammond had remained, on the other hand, is a clear indicator of the darkness in which he exists.

Thankfully, obscure doesn’t mean forgotten, and with any luck, the Human Torch’s latest return will prove to be exactly what the world of conquered shores needs to survive. Of course, it also depends on Hammond being on the same side of the battle as the former king of Atlantis. Given the history between them, there’s really no way to tell how likely that will be, although Hammond’s reaction to seeing Namor in the wild doesn’t imply anything good for either of them. ‘other.

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