LTO to step up terminal inspections, drug testing to stop drunk and drugged driving on the road

September 21, 2022 | 3:18 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Ahead of the Christmas season, the Bureau of Land Transport said it will strengthen its nationwide terminal inspection and rapid random drug testing of public commercial vehicle drivers to prevent the drunk or drugged driving among motorists.

In a statement sent to reporters, the LTO said its Law Enforcement Department – Drunk Driving and Drugged Driving Unit recorded a total of 558 traffic accidents. from January to August 2022.

August saw the highest number with 128 incidents, in which a total of 476 drivers tested positive for alcohol poisoning. Data from the office also showed that 17 deaths and 281 injuries were also recorded during this period.

“Time and time again we have all seen the disastrous consequences of drunk or drugged driving, most importantly during the Christmas season when many families come out to celebrate and have fun. It is time we let’s change that mindset in order to avoid loss of life and property,” said LTO Chief Deputy Secretary Teofilo Guadiz.

The LTO said the aim was to prevent future incidents by preventing drivers under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs from driving vehicles by confiscating their driver’s license and requiring them to undergo drug treatment. .

After incidents, drivers who test positive for alcohol intoxication have their licenses placed on alarm and preventive suspension for 90 days pending the issuance of an LTO resolution to determine the administrative penalties and corresponding penalties to be imposed.

Under Section 5 of Republic Act 10856 or the Drunk Driving and Drug-Driving Act of 2013, “It is unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs and other similar substances”.

Section 7 of the law also provides for the mandatory conduct of alcohol and chemical tests, including drug tests and, if necessary, a drug confirmation test, for drivers of motor vehicles involved. in road accidents, particularly if the accident caused the loss of human life. or physical injury.

The LTO reminded the public not to drink if they plan to operate a motor vehicle, saying it “will be dangerous for the driver and pedestrians, and even other drivers”.

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