Latest Scheduling Apps in Mendip

THE following applications and notifications have been received for consideration by Mendip District Council and can be viewed online at

2022/0552/APP: Approval of the details reserved by condition 3 (Foul Drainage) and condition 6 (Exterior Lighting) on ​​planning permission 2020/2006/FUL. Luckington Gables Lipyeate Cross to Luckington Cross Newbury Frome Somerset BA11 3RQ.

2022/0557/TPO:M1005: T2 Holm oak raising of the crown to 5m. T5 Cypress Remove to ground level. 16 High Street Rode Frome Somerset BA11 6NZ.

2022/0543/APP: Approval of the detail reserved by condition 25 (Hours of operation) under planning permission 2015/1392/OTS. Former Butler And Tanner Printworks Caxton Road Frome Somerset BA11 1NF.

2022/0524/AGB: Construction of agricultural building. Land south of Abbotts Moor West Woodlands Frome Somerset BA11 5EN.

2022/0515/APP: Approval of Details Reserved by Condition 6 (Exterior Lighting), Condition 7 (Replacement Bat Roost) and Condition 8 (Materials) on Planning Permit 2021/2092/FUL. Goodwood Foghamshire Lane to Gare Hill Trudoxhill Frome Somerset BA11 5EX.

2022/0529/FUL: 70no erection. dwellings, open space, ecological mitigation land, drainage and landscaping, including vehicular access. Land At 377672 146617 Little Keyford Lane Frome Somerset.

2022/0421/HSE: Main floor rear kitchen extension and first floor swing window replacement. 8 Frome Summer Hill Somerset BA11 1LT.

2022/0391/HSE: External modifications to include fenestration, siding, roof and awning of existing dwelling and construction of shed. Maryside Innox Hill Frome Somerset BA11 2LN.

2022/0354/HSE: Greenhouse erection (retrospective). 33 Fromefield Frome Somerset BA11 2HE.

2022/0326/CLP: Erection of the single storey rear extension. 8 Magnolia Close Frome Somerset BA11 2TT.


2022/0538/NMA: non-material modification of planning permission 2021/0556/HSE (loft conversion and modifications to an existing dwelling). 27 Norbins Road Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9JF.

2022/0184/CLP: Project request for a legal development certificate for a rear veranda. 29A Avalon Estate Glastonbury Somerset.

2022/0062/HSE: Project application for a legal development certificate for a rear veranda. 29A Avalon Estate Glastonbury Somerset.


2022/0571/LBC: Transforming two single-storey barns into seasonal rentals. Dunfords Farm Edford Hill Holcombe Shepton Mallet Somerset BA3 5HH.

2022/0541/TCA: Section T1 Lawson Cypress shot to ground level. Durford House 7 sq ft Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 5LL.

2022/0537/TPO: (TPO M1031) T1- Cedar of Lebanon – member withdrawn. Evercreech House High Street Evercreech Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 6HZ.

2022/0523/TCA: T1- Silver Birch – crown lift to 3.5m T2- English Oak – crown lift to 3.5m T3- Beech – crown lift to 3.5m and reduction of the crown at 4 m. Pondsmead Surgery Bath Road Oakhill Shepton Mallet Somerset BA3 5HT.

2022/0472/TCA: Ash (T1) – Fallen. Batcombe House Gold Hill Batcombe Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 6HF.

2022/0365/DUB: Demolition of existing redundant structures and construction of a new outbuilding annexed to the dwelling. Well House Well Lane Doulting Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 4QE.

2022/0364/HSE: Demolition of existing redundant structures and erection of a new outbuilding annexed to the dwelling. Well House Well Lane Doulting Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 4QE.


2022/0411/HSE: Demolish utilities and stockpile and erect two storey side extension and one storey rear extension. 6 Burleigh Lane Somerset BA16 0SH.

2022/0311/NMA: Non-material modification of authorization 2019/2614/FUL (Construction of 5 three-bedroom dwellings (use C3) comprising three new constructions and conversion of the existing public house (use A4) to create two more , using existing access with associated parking and landscaping). 110 Somerton Road Street Somerset BA16 0SA.


2022/0549/APP: Approval of the details reserved by condition 6 (Exterior Lighting) of the planning permit 2015/1264/FUL. Wookey Hole Caves Limited The Mill High Street Wookey Hole Wells Somerset BA5 1BA.

2022/0419/HSE: Demolish the existing building replaced by a single storey addition. New chalet near Bristol Road Ston Easton Wells Somerset BA3 4DH.

2022/0377/FUL: Installation of a 75m long x 1.8m wide timber walkway with a 3m round timber viewing cache associated midway along its length and a round wooden observation of 4.85 m at its end. Land At 345768 144132 Daggs Lane Drove Godney Wells Somerset.

2022/0056/FOOT: Deviation of the public right-of-way WS 10/56A in association with planning permission 2021/0433/FUL. Border Bridge Garage Wells Road Wookey Wells Somerset BA5 1LQ.

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