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DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LandGate Corp.the United States’ leading marketplace and data provider for commercial lands and their resources, including solar, wind, mineral, water and carbon, today announced the release of the “PowerTools Suite.”

The PowerTools suite brings together vast amounts of data, property listings, landowner information, and filtering capabilities that will profoundly change the way developers and real estate agents research and value land.

“With the PowerTools suite, energy operators, investors, and land realtors can access the highest quality renewable energy and carbon data with advanced filtering and searching, an active bid marketplace, and more” , said Yoann Hispa, CEO and co-founder of LandGate. “With this powerful addition to the market, investors and real estate agents can easily establish a land asset position and print reports that will aggregate – for all selected plots – the potential value of solar farms, wind farms, carbon credits , water rights, agricultural/forestry value, and rare earth minerals.As a larger segment of the energy sector turns to renewables, PowerTools will be a boon to the industry, simplifying analysis properties and helping professionals to find, value and trade land resources efficiently.

The suite includes two new tools and enhancements to two existing LandGate products:

  • PowerCRM is a new tool that will leverage LandGate’s solar, wind, oil and gas, mining and other databases to improve the process of identifying and tracking leads for developable land. Far surpassing even the previous LandGate functionality, PowerCRM allows users to filter properties across the country based on a range of characteristics, including parcel size, proximity to a substation, landlord incentives, etc. ‘State, the presence of a motivated seller and more. Once packages are identified, the SaaS (Software as a Service) product allows acquisition team members to easily track the progress of these potential investments, serving as a centralized dashboard for professionals throughout the acquisition process. ‘investment.
  • PowerParcels, another entirely new product, allows users to take the next step towards completing land acquisitions or resource royalties for development. Through a LandGate partnership with CoreLogic – which has the best parcel database and property information in the United States – PowerParcels allows users to export full property coordinates for each parcel identified in PowerCRM, that makes it easy to contact landowners and close a land sale, renewable royalty sale, carbon offset transaction, or lease of land resources without the need for the traditional, but soon to be obsolete, approach of cold calling or door-to-door.
  • PowerData, a US renewable energy and carbon database that exceeds the market in quality and coverage, gives users access to the full range of land use and resource data and analysis Across the country. Users can access information about substations, distribution lines, transmission lines with voltage, maximum capacity, available capacity, as well as interconnection queue data including the carrier and location.
  • Power cables allows developers, operators and investors to specifically engage with active listings on the LandGate site. LandGate now pulls listings and leads from MLS listings and all LandGate subscribed real estate agents. As part of the PowerTools Suite product enhancements, PowerLeads has received a range of upgrades, including significantly improved filtering functionality.

“With fierce competition between energy developers and real estate agents, careful analysis of real estate resources has never been more important, and this reality is driving a significant increase in demand from our clients,” said Eric Thompson, Director General of LandGate. “By bringing together an unparalleled collection of filterable data plus landowner listings and information, LandGate software makes every stakeholder more efficient, changes the way developers conduct land valuations and transactions, and speeds the road to countries towards a renewable energy future.”

These software upgrades follow LandGate’s $10 million Series B funding, which was led by NextEra Energy Resources. In addition to PowerTools Suite and other product suite upgrades, which are expected to be rolled out in the coming months, the company is also strengthening its marketing and sales efforts to increase market penetration across the country.

About LandGate

LandGate is the leading provider of information, data solutions and an online marketplace for America’s commercial lands and their resources: solar, wind, carbon, minerals and water. The company helps developers, investors, real estate agents and landowners understand energy and environmental resource values ​​and connect to its online marketplace for all things land related. LandGate’s platform applies its technology to deliver leads, data, analytics and web-based applications to dramatically reduce costs and accelerate land transactions.

LandGate has a differentiated product advantage based on the digitization of land resource data and assessments. With LandGate’s data solutions and web applications, developers, investors, and real estate professionals can (1) run economic engineering studies in minutes, (2) access land prospects and MLS listings , and (3) manage their leads in a land CRM web application. connect their team and Salesforce.

LandGate was founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado. In 2019, LandGate received Series A funding from Rice Investment Group, a highly respected investor in energy technologies. In 2020, LandGate partnered with the Realtors Land Institute (RLI), the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), and the Texas Engineering Executive Education (TxEEE) program at the University of Texas at Austin. In 2022, LandGate received Series B funding led by Nextera Energy, the world’s largest producer of renewable energy, and Kimmeridge, a leading carbon solutions private equity firm. For more information, visit

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