Land Transfers, January 6-12 – The Lima News

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is illustrated by the following report, for the week of January 6-12. The numbers reflect the sale price of the property, as well as the address or lot number of the property and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder’s Office, Mona Losh.


Burden, Marcia A to Nichols, Jeremy/Nichols, Aubreyanna, South Scott Street, Lima, $1,000

Cordova, Margaret J/George, Nancy/Fennemore, Janet/Fennemore, Harry/George, Karol to Schuttler LLC, 330 N. Charles St., Lima, $43,000

Crisp, Patricia to Collins, Frederick, 301 E. 3rd St., Lima, $5,000

Gardner, Robert/Gardner, Pamela to Carver, Joseph D, 600 W. Elm St., Lima, $101,000

Vacation, Robert to Denson, Willie, 556 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $3,000

Intelligent Rental Solutions LLC in Robustelli, Zoncireth Mariana, 635-637 N. Main St., Lima, $75,000

Mayer, Earl/Mayer, Angela L to Fort Amanda Properties LLC, 746 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $62,000

Moore, Brad A to Cook, David, 1739 Latham Ave., Lima, $117,300

Morales, Eduardo/Morales, Amber J to Gossard, Bradley, 1914 University Blvd., Lima, $10,000

Pester Investments, LLC in Truesdale, Nicholas A/Truesdale, Chelsea M, 808 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $115,000

Ruffner, Nathaniel L/Luce, Makayla S to Colvin, Brandon E, 1101 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima, $112,000

Stover, James/Stover, Sarah to Salas, Marc W, 2177 Grimmwood Drive, Lima, $219,500

Vanvoorhis, Chad R/Vanvoorhis, Tia M to Furr, Isaac L, 802 Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $98,000

Wealthy Investments, LLC to BMJ Building Specialists, LLC, 632 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $2,000

Williams, Travis J/Williams, Stephanie A to Trent, Angela Marie, 1701 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $250,000


Ackerman, Michelle L Administrator/Estate of Christopher L Shick at Buckeye Housing, LLC, 2069-2071 Brookhaven Drive, Lima, $171,000

Bentz, Scott/Bentz, Alison to Molaski, Jolene, 3696 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $384,000

Childs, Christine L/Wilmoth, Tiffany S to Dotson, Steven, 2421 N. West St., Lima, $30,000

Clay, Mindy M to Swem, Nathan A, 1749 Benham Drive, Lima, $162,000

Cole, J Renae to Reichelderfer, Samantha M/Reichelderfer, Jeremy M, 1850 Arlington Drive, Lima, $185,000

Good, Richard M/Good, Leona/Martin, David L Attorney in fact of Built Rite Builders, LLC, 5904 Timberstone Drive, Lima, $29,000

Hollan, Angela M Et al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trustee/Discovery Mortgage Loan Trust, 2531 N. McDonel St., Lima, $75,300

JRB Holdings, LLC to Tuxis Lima LLC, 2090 N. Cable Road, Lima, $2,950,000

Kayser, Michael S/Kayser, Shelly A to Bendy Properties LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 190, Lima, $30,000

Vandemark, Larry K/Vandemark, Sharon K to Eastown Properties, LLC, 2150 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $125,000


Bensman, Jeffrey Lee/Bensman, Mary Taylor to Pryer, Carl David Jr/Pryer, Jennifer R, 3015 Hadsell Road, Lima, $255,000

Clinger, Edwin R/Clinger, Amy L to Jacobs, Clayton R/Jacobs, Jazmyn, 608 St. Andrews Blvd., Lima, $159,000

Hollinger Rentals at Rittenhouse, Christopher, 2261 Ada Road (0.6 acres), Lima, $65,000


Hancock Investment Group, LLC in Davis, Chad, 217 N. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $145,000

Three S Development Group, LLC to Kohls, Gary D/Kohls, Carla A, 101 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $40,000


Burk, Brent/Burk, Lisa to Thomas, Alissa, 445 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $80,000

Fritz, Edward P/Fritz, Jacqueline to JP Nagel Investments, 729 N. Pierce St., Delphos, $100,000

M & J Martin Enterprises, LLC in Lhamon, Alex L, 817 S. Main St., Delphos, $132,000


Lieurance, Cynthia S to Thomas, Mysty D, 268 Plum St., Elida, $256,500


Mills, Johnathon R/Mills, Alexis C to Wireman, Stephanie A, 272 S. Main St., Harrod, $123,000


Shafer, Philip G Trustee/Shafer, Catherine J Trustee/Philip G and Catherine J Shafer Living Trust to Shafer, Mark A/Shafer, Chad P, 770 Fisher Road (6 acres), Lima, $159,700


D&D Ingredient Distrubutors, Inc. to D&D Ingredient, LLC, 5025 N. Kill Road (21.7 acres and 2.5 acres), 5191 N. Kill Road (20.3 acres), 4955 N. Kill Road (0.3 acre), Delphos and Spencerville Road (4.4 acres), 13370 Spencerville Road (2.54 acres), 1610 S. Acadia Road (5 acres), Spencerville, $46,270,000

Hellman, Ralph A/Hellman, Hazel C to Hellman, Richard G, West Lincoln Highway (60 acres and 25.1 acres), Delphos, $1,149,500


F & T Lima Leasing, LLC to Benroth, Todd/Miller, Cody, 319 E. Lincoln Highway (2.5 acres), Lima, $385,000

Brewer, McKensey/Brewer, Jonathan D to Alsept, Ron/Alsept, Diane, 2424 E. Lincoln Highway (0.5 acres), Lima, $114,900


ASTFTOH001 LLC/ARES1G NNN REIT LLC to Oak Street Investment Grade Net Lease Fund 2021-2, LLC, 2120 Harding Highway, Lima, $2,620,000

Lehman Enterprises, LLC to A&T Cornwell Properties, LLC, 1100 S. Thayer Road (0.5 acre), Lima, $42,000


LBC Investments, LLC to Gaillard, Bertrand G, 3520 Camden Place, Lima, $278,300

Mackenbach, Paul/Mackenbach, Ashley to Stevenson, Margaret E, 3668 Miramonte Drive, Lima, $215,000

Shaw, Marolyn Joan/Lawrence, Kathleen Jean to Shaw, Sidney Austin, 3030 Pro Drive, Lima, $78,000

Yohe, Susan J Trustee/Susan J Yohe Living Trust to O’Neill, Brendan, 7 Estate Drive, Lima, $435,000


Mullins, Billy J/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Fsb As Trustee/Quercus Mortgage Investment Trust, 303 S. Main St., Spencerville, $79,800


Shellenbarger, Steven A/Shellenbarger, Jane E to Brown, Jacqueline S, North Wapak Road (2.4 acres and 0.1 acre), Lima, $19,000

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