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Citizens criticize MPW’s indifference

KUWAIT CITY, November 11: Social media created a buzz this week with a number of complaints from citizens who expressed their anger at the low level of preparedness of the Ministry of Public Works ahead of the rainy season. They posted short videos of the loopholes they encountered, Al-Qabas reports daily. One of the citizens posted a video of the rainwater drainage near his house, located in Salwa, block 7.

Despite its maintenance the day before, the bitumen that was poured was not put in place, which means the recurrence of the phenomenon of flying gravel. He said he wondered about the situation in case of rain, if it is the situation of the bitumen after a day of spreading. The citizen expressed his fear that this will cause damage to lives and property in the coming days.

At the same time, another citizen Fadhel Asad posted a video of the cracks on the bridge connecting the Maghreb highway and the fifth ring road located near the control center of the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

The video showed the presence of large concrete blocks due to the deterioration of the separator, which forced the videographer to retrieve them and put them on the side of the road so that no one was injured, or their belongings were left behind. not damaged. He underlined the need to empower officials of the Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Road and Land Transport (PART).

In addition, a number of citizens have complained about the presence of numerous potholes on various highways, which cause continued damage and threaten to repeat the recent disaster related to the death of a Kuwaiti citizen when a party of a manhole exploded and struck it. Regarding the latest complaint, the Ministry of Public Works announced, via its official social media account, that it will repair the defect in the bridge joints and prepare the place as required after receiving the complaint.

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