l & do: CAG report says government agency that owns land took 23 years to reject conversion request, 13 years for transfer | India News

NEW DELHI: A recent audit report from the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) found that it took over 23 years for the Land and Development Office (L&DO) to reject a request to convert public land into rental and more than 13 years to reject a substitution and a case of transfer.
According to the report on “the administration of the territory of Nazul”, which was presented on Tuesday in both houses of parliament, the pace of processing of applications by the L&DO under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has fallen sharply over the years. Last 10 to 12 years, even after technology introduction.
While the federal auditor found in 2009-2010 that 51% of rental requests took longer than the stipulated 90 days for disposal, the recent audit shows that 71% of total requests were eliminated after this set deadline, which was provided in the Citizen’s Charter. He said almost 9% of requests were processed after 1,500 days.
Highlighting how the government land entity not only took years to eliminate requests, the federal auditor found that 1,199 conversion, substitution and transfer requests were rejected after more than 1,500 days. “The maximum time needed to reject a particular request for conversion, substitution and transfer was over 23 years, 13 years and 13 years respectively. The maximum time needed to approve a particular request for conversion, substitution and transfer was over 18, 14 and 12 years, respectively, ”the report states.
The audit report mentions that the L&DO informed the CAG that the 90-day period provided for in the citizens’ charter is indicative and that it endeavors to deal in a timely manner with cases of substitution, transfer and conversion of goods. However, the federal auditor did not accept the bid.
L&DO’s Citizen Charter stipulates that it would ensure a good quality of service by eliminating the files of transformation, authorization of sale, transfer and substitution within three months from the date of receipt of information and documents from the lessee.

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