Karnataka: language quarrel, anti-conversion bill likely to take center stage | Bangalore News

BELAGAVI: The second week of the legislature’s winter session could be stormy, Congress is expected to continue pushing for the resignation of Urban Development Minister Byrathi Basavaraj over the land grabbing case and the BJP attempting to focus on anti-conversion bill.
The bill is expected to be passed by cabinet at a meeting on Monday, and it will be presented to the assembly in a day or two.
However, a debate over the language conflict, which has seen fierce clashes between pro-Kannada organizations and Maharashtra members Ekikarna Samiti (MES) is expected to take center stage when the session resumes on Monday. The clashes have been condemned by members of all political lines and the question is likely to see a united response from all sides.
“Insulting one of our great national leaders in the name of language policy is a disservice to their nationalist spirit and will not be tolerated,” Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said. “Under no circumstances will we allow disbelievers to disrupt law and order in Karnataka. ”
The JD (S) is expected to take a more active role in the House as party leader and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy is expected to attend the session from Tuesday. He had jumped the whole first week.
While JD (S) officials have said they will oppose the anti-conversion bill, the party has often changed course in the past. A senior official admitted his position is not final, even as Congress accuses him of having a tacit deal with the BJP.
“Our position, so far, is to oppose the anti-conversion bill, but we will make a final decision on Tuesday when Kumaraswamy chairs the party’s legislative meeting,” said Bandeppa Kashempur, deputy leader of the JD (S). to the assembly.
While the bill will go through the assembly, the BJP does not have a majority in the Legislative Council and needs the support of the JD (S). Speculation is rife that the BJP is urging the JD (S) to help push through the bill by staging a walkout.
“We are confident that the bill will be passed in both chambers. We have our own strategy for the council ”, said Araga Jnanendra, Minister of the Interior.
Congress plans to raise other important issues such as the 40% bribe fee imposed by entrepreneurs, the bitcoin scam and the development of northern Karnataka. However, JD (S) accused Congress of hijacking the process by sticking to his request to resign Byrathi.
Members of Congress had rushed into the assembly well on Friday, demanding Byrathi’s resignation before the chamber was adjourned earlier. “It is not appropriate for Congress to hold the house to ransom and not allow the government to respond to the debate on the ravages of rain. We are against such measures, ”Kashempur said.
‘I will not tolerate this’
Former chief minister BS Yediyurappa said the unrest in Belagavi will be discussed in the legislature when the winter session resumes on Monday.
“It’s an unfortunate incident,” Yediyurappa said.
“A deliberate attempt was made to create unrest in the border district. We will not tolerate such incidents. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Interior Minister Araga Jnanendra took the necessary steps to arrest the accused. We will discuss this issue in detail at home on Monday and try to find a solution to avoid these kinds of incidents in the future. ”
RDPR Minister KS Eshwarappa said: “Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackery should stop blaming Kannadigas. The border dispute has long been resolved with the Mahajan Commission report. We will raise this issue with PM Modi.

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