INRIX Expands Support for Eastern Transportation Coalition Traffic Data Marketplace

INRIX continues to support national member agencies of the Ten Coalition, and is the sole supplier of the six categories of market data

Kirkland, Wash., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — INRIX Inc., a global leader in mobility analytics and connected car services, today announced that it has been selected by the Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) as the sole vendor to support all categories of datasets in its Traffic Data Marketplace (TDM).

TDM offers Coalition member agencies the ability to select from pre-qualified vendors in six different dataset categories: travel time and speed, origin-destination, freight, waypoint, volume, and merge. INRIX is the only company prequalified in all six categories, enabling a one-stop shop for consistent data sets. INRIX currently publishes trip time and speed data for 500,000 miles, volume data for 1.1 million miles, and generates aggregated and anonymized origin-destination/waypoint data for over 40 million daily trips in the TETC region. INRIX also offers fusion services in partnership with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), a nationally recognized leader in geospatial data and analytics.

“As we begin our 15e year of supporting TETC and its member agencies with our travel time and speed data, we are excited to be able to further expand our innovation into new datasets and insights,” said Bryan Mistele, Co-founder and CEO of INRIX. “With one of the strongest data sources in the country, derived from tens of millions of passenger cars, utility vehicles and connected mobile devices, INRIX looks forward to continuing to collaborate on groundbreaking and profitable uses of mobility data. .

TDM has its origins in the Vehicle Probe Project (VPP), which began in 2008 with the primary goal of providing TETC members with the ability to acquire reliable, real-time travel time and speed data for their entire road network without the need for sensors and other hardware. INRIX was the original VPP service provider and is the only company that has continuously supported TETC since 2008. Ten statewide agencies, with nearly 75 million residents, enable INRIX services through VPP to help streamline day-to-day operations, improve safety, identify investments, and provide better services to travelers.

“INRIX has been a long-time partner providing travel time and speed data to the Coalition and many of our member agencies,” said Denise Markow, director of the Eastern Transportation Coalition’s TSMO program. “INRIX data has been critical in helping the Coalition prove that scalable virtual infrastructure is possible – and in many cases preferred – over investing in physical infrastructure. We appreciate the expansion of their service to meet all categories of TDM datasets desired by our members.”

INRIX also offers several additional service options to TETC members via TDM, including:

  • INRIX Signal Analytics, enabling agencies to identify and reduce excessive delays and the resulting energy and carbon emissions at signalized intersections. Signal Analytics generates current and historical daily, weekly, and monthly performance metrics for movements and approaches, and monitors travel times for trips crossing distinct corridors for more than 100,000 traffic signals in the TETC region.
  • HELP, in partnership with Information Logistics, an innovative service to establish direct two-way communication with travelers during road closures or other emergencies by leveraging FEMA’s Emergency Alert System.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Alerts, in partnership with Drivewyze, provides real-time traffic alerts to commercial vehicle drivers on rural and intercity corridors where other real-time communication options are limited, to reduce accidents and fatalities.
  • Replica, leveraging INRIX to provide data and insights about the built environment and how people interact with it. Replica data provides a holistic nationwide picture of mobility, people, land use and economic activity. By transforming large, disparate sets of data into cohesive information, Replica empowers the people who shape the built environment to make the most informed and impactful decisions.

TDM will be active for the next four years, with a potential of eight years in total if all option periods are used. INRIX offers deep discounts for combining multiple dataset purchases and multi-year purchases. The services are immediately available for licensing by member agencies through the Coalition from July 1, 2022 forward. For more information visit:

Founded in 2004, INRIX pioneered smart mobility solutions by turning big data from connected devices and vehicles into mobility insights. This groundbreaking approach has allowed INRIX to become one of the leading providers of data and analytics on how people move. By empowering cities, businesses and people with valuable information, INRIX helps make the world smarter, safer and greener. With partners and solutions spanning the entire mobility ecosystem, INRIX is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and transportation – whether ensuring road user safety, from improving traffic signal synchronization to reduce delays and greenhouse gases, to optimizing last mile delivery or helping to discover the knowledge market. Learn more at


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