Happy “April Stool Day” from South Portland!

The City of South Portland along with other local groups held a community cleanup event at Willard Beach and several local parks to keep public spaces healthy.

The annual April Stools Day & Community Cleanup event is no April Fool’s joke.

The event was held Saturday at Willard Beach, Hinckley Park and Greenbelt/Mill Creek Park in South Portland to remove unwanted trash and dog feces from our parks.

The event was organized by the South Portland Dog Owners Group, the City of South Portland, the South Portland Land Trust, Maine Healthy Beaches and Loyal Companion.

“This is a very big concern for dog owners and the citizens of South Portland and we want to keep our parks and beaches clean. We want to encourage good behavior on the beach. There is also an element of dog poo that ends up in the water if there is any left, so we want to avoid that at all costs,” Ellen Clancy, a member of the South Portland Dog Owners Group, said.

For people who cleaned up the trash, a special reward was among the trash, a “golden shit.” If anyone found the “golden shit,” they would win a $25 gift card to Loyal Companion.

Loyal Companion has also donated dog treats and gifts that anyone can take to the parks for free.

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