Game Diary: Second-half meltdown returns for losing Texas to Baylor


In an instant, Texas saw its stellar Big 12 debut unfold. No, it didn’t happen once in 2021, but rather twice.

An early lead in the Cotton Bowl was marred by the emergence of Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams, who saw the Sooners win the Red River Showdown. The following week, an implosion of quarterback Casey Thompson and the defense allowed the then-No. 12 Oklahoma State reverts to DKR.

Texas can win games offensively early on, but can they end the performance for good? Saturday will be the biggest test as the Horns (4-3, 2-2 Big 12) travel to McLane Stadium to face No.16 Baylor (6-1, 3-1 Big 12).

Keep in mind that Baylor has seen its fair share of heartbreak over the past decade. The case against the Art Briles-led program plus two seasons under three wins is certainly not what the rookies signed up for.

New Baylor head coach Dave Aranda follows a similar formula to Matt Rhule’s: fight first year and improve in second year. The Bears went 2-7 last season under the direction of the former LSU defensive coordinator. They are not two victories away from consolidating their status as one of the top two teams in the conference.

This is largely due to the success of the defense. Baylor is currently second in the Big 12 in score (18.2 points per game) and has one of the most dynamic rush attacks, led by running back Abram Smith.

Will the Bears be able to continue their momentum? Will Texas finally end their blunders in the second half?

Make sure you stick with LonghornsCountry all day as Texas try to break their two-game losing streak at Waco.


Texas will wear all white jerseys. Baylor will put on its all-green look.

Texas wins the draw for the fourth straight game. They will receive the ball in the second half.


– Baylor’s Gerry Bohanon doubled his interceptions as BJ Foster of Texas got the interception on the second play of the drive. Texas starts the ball on Baylor 31.

–Thompson finds Joshua Moore for an 11-yard pickup before connecting again on a 10-yard pass to the end zone. Moore gives Texas a 7-0 lead after the interception. Texas have now scored on six straight opening records.

Texas 7, Baylor 0 Score Drive: (4 games, 31 yards, 1:43)

– Abram Smith gets the first down and Drew Estrada picks up another. Running back Trestan Ebner gets an 18-yard gain on the option of placing Baylor just outside the red zone. wide receiver Tyquan Thornton found a wide-open RJ Sneed for a 6-yard touchdown to tie the game. Bohanon bounced back from the start of INT to put Baylor back in the game.

Texas 7, Baylor 7 Score Drive (11 games, 75 yards, 5:02)

– A sack from 350-pound defensive tackle Siaki Ika forces a three-and-out for Texas. Baylor will start the next trip alone 28.

– Bohanon’s quick shots to his receivers put Baylor in midfield. Smith catches a 20-yard rush and turns 15 more thanks to a face mask penalty. Texas gets the third save, leading to a 38-yard field goal from Isaiah Haskins to take the lead.

Baylor 10, Texas 7 Score Drive: (9 games, 53 yards, 4:33)

– Xavier Digne. That’s all you need to know as Texas takes the lead on a 63-yard touchdown pass from Thompson.

Texas 14, Baylor 10 Score Drive (2 games, 78 yards,: 34)

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Texas 14, Baylor 10


– Smith gets a big 32-yard gain to put Baylor inside the Texas Territory. Sneed couldn’t hold onto a third down conversion, leading to a failed basket from Hankins. Texas reclaims the ball on its own 33.

– Thompson runs for a win of 16 and later finds tight end Cade Brewer for another first down. An incomplete third try leads Texas to attempt the fourth try. The Horns’ QB tries to aim with dignity, but the pass is interrupted for a turn-over on the downs.

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-Alfred Collins gets a third save on Smith. The Bears opted to try their luck in fourth place, but the Texas defense, led by safety back Jerrin Thompson, got the stop on Smith.

– Digne walks past a Baylor defender but Thompson’s ball is just knocked over for what would have been an easy touchdown. On closer examination, linebacker Dillon Doyle dropped the ball on Moore, resulting in a fumble and a turnaround for Texas.

– Foster makes a strong tackle on Thorton on the third down. This leads to a five game workout ending with nothing after the turnover. The best news for Texas? It’s a touchdown. The Longhorns will begin its route on the 35.

– Thompson finds Worthy for a gain of 23, but that’s it. Bijan Robinson wears football, but does little. The Texas backer has seven carries for 14 offensive yards. Baylor gets the Longhorns save and punt.

– Bohanon gets the first try with less than a minute to go. Linebacker Luke Brockermeyer gets a huge interception in midfield, giving Texas the ball inside Baylor’s territory.

– Thompson finds a Moore in the end zone, but the wide receiver drops an easy pass that would have been a touchdown. Instead, it’s a drop and leads to an interception from JT Woods.

– Nothing happened. It’s half time.

HALF TIME: Texas 14, Baylor 10


– The Thompson-Worthy connection works once for a win of 19. Texas cannot move the ball to the ground with Bijan. Robinson, leading to a fourth and short. Texas ask for a time out before attempting the fourth down. Running back Roschon Johnson gets the direct snap and keeps the player alive. Thompson finds Marcus Washington for a gain of 22, putting Texas in the red zone. Robinson is pissed off at the 1-yard line, which leads Texas to attempt the shot in the fourth and on goal. Robinson gets his 11th touchdown and the Horns extend their lead.

Texas 21, Baylor 10 Score Drive (14 games, 75 yards, 6:11)

– Bohanon doesn’t play. He found Thorton for a gain of 23 before connecting with Sneed for a gain of 22. Ebner was held in third and 5, but Baylor wanted more. Sneed gets the first down and enters the Texas Red Zone. Bohanon kept it himself for a 6-yard touchdown run, putting Baylor by four.

Texas 21, Baylor 17 Score Drive: (9 games, 75 yards, 4:04)

– Thompson edged him for a gain of 25. Baylor pressure limited Robinson in the race and forced two missed shots. The Bears will start the ride from their own 19.

– Consistency on the third down keeps Baylor alive before the end of the third quarter. The Bears go 3 of 3 on conversions to get the Bears into Texas 40.

END OF THIRD QUARTER: Texas 21, Baylor 17


– Bohanon finds tight end Ben Sims for a gain of 28 before connecting with Sneed to put Baylor in the 10. Simms makes a quick sweep over the goal line and takes it for the score of a yard. Baylor takes the lead.

Baylor 24, Texas 21 Score Drive: (14 plays, 80 yards, 5:36)

– Jared Wiley gets the first down on a 7-yard pass from Thompson. Baylor’s Jalen Pitre gets a huge sack and forces a fumble, but Texas recovers. Marcus Washington nearly succeeds, but Baylor’s Christian Morgan interrupts the game. Texas tries to pretend with Dicker, but ends up winning just two yards. Bears ball in the middle of the field.

– Ebner wins 18 on the second down before Smith crosses 32 yards and gets the touchdown. Another week, another collapse of the second half of Texas.

Baylor 31, Texas 21 Score Drive: (3 games, 54 yards, 1:24)

– Thompson connects with Washington for a gain of 13 for a first try following the heist. QB finds Moore for a gain of 14 to put Texas in the red zone. Baylor’s Terrell Bernard almost causes a turnaround, but Thompson lets the ball pass just in time. Cameron Dicker scored the field goal, knocking Texas down with a touchdown.

Baylor 31, Texas 24 Score Drive (10 games, 66 yards, 3:13)

– Baylor efficiently moves the ball on the ground. Smith wins two plays over 6 rushing yards. An Estrada fumble is almost recovered by the Longhorns, but instead leads to a punt. Texas has a chance to match it.

– Thompson drops a dime for Washington, but the receiver can’t find him. On the third try, Bernard added pressure in the middle. Thompson can’t connect in fourth with Worty, resulting in turnover and possibly the ball game.

FINAL: Baylor 31, Texas 24

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