District of Gedling: Planning applications submitted near you

An HMO in Netherfield and plans to convert a church into flats are among many applications submitted to Gedling Borough Council last week.

Here’s a roundup of the latest plans that council planning officers will now vote on.


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Two-storey side extension to an existing dwelling
56 Langley Avenue Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 6NN
Ref. No: 2022/0463

Single storey rear extension
24 Arnot Hill Road Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 6LL
Ref. No: 2022/0416PN

Two-story side extension.
109 Ravenswood Road Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 7FY
Ref. No: 2022/0343

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Single storey side/rear extension
43 Castleton Avenue Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 6NH
Ref. No: 2021/1295


No planning request this week

Burton Joyce

No planning request this week



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Two-stage side extension
4 Belper Avenue Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 3SD
Ref. No: 2022/0324

Removal of the existing veranda; two-stage and single side extension rear floor extension
9 Egling Croft Colwick Nottinghamshire NG4 2DB
Ref. No: 2022/0322

One-storey rear extension to replace existing veranda
5 Acacia Crescent Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 3JH
Ref. No: 2022/0297

lowered border
113 Burton Road Carlton Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG4 3GN
Ref. No: 2022/0042


Construction of an industrial building annexed to the existing manufacturing operations.
Luxfer Gas Cylinders Ltd Road No 2 Colwick Nottinghamshire NG4 2BH
Ref. No: 2022/0298

Proposed concrete mixing station
Chris Allsop Recycling LEEC Development Site Road No 2 Colwick Nottinghamshire NG4 2JR
Ref. No: 2021/0163


Single-stage and two-stage front extensions; flat-roofed front dormer and roof modifications, one-storey rear addition, construction of a two-storey connected triple garage and plaster dwelling.
87 Main Road Gedling Nottinghamshire NG4 3HD
Ref. No: 2022/0270


No planning request this week


Full planning permission for 135 units with access from Delia Avenue and Dorothy Avenue
Land off Hayden Lane Linby Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2022/0501

Double garage and side extension on one level.
14 Fountayne Close Linby NG15 8JQ
Ref. No: 2021/1435


Single storey rear extension
35 Bradstone Drive Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 5SY
Ref. No: 2022/0529

Install the extractor/duct on the side elevation of the building
914 Woodborough Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 5QRR ref. No: 2022/0300

Front porch, two-story side extension, single and two-story rear extensions
17 Robinson Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 6BA
Ref. No: 2022/0195

Single storey rear and side extension, raised deck and porch erection
70A Whittingham Road Mapperley Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG3 6BH
Ref. No: 2022/0089


Exterior wall insulation
15 Garnet Street Netherfield Nottinghamshire NG4 2FB
Ref. No: 2022/0254

Exterior wall insulation
54 Carnarvon Street Netherfield Nottinghamshire NG4 2FP
Ref. No: 2022/0257

Conversion of existing church property, with subsequent change of use, from community center (class F2 – former class D2) to 13 one-bed residential accommodation (class C3) with internal and external common areas, storage room, Secure bins, bike storage and parking provisions.
Netherfield Victoria Road Methodist Church Netherfield Nottinghamshire NG4 2HU
Ref. No: 2022/0240

Exterior wall insulation
31 Carnarvon Street Netherfield Nottinghamshire NG4 2FL
Ref. No: 2022/0238

Exterior wall insulation
38 Godfrey Street Netherfield Nottinghamshire NG4 2JG
Ref. No: 2022/0213

Proposed change of use from housing (C3) to 7 bedroom HMO including conversion of rear dormer
49 Chandos Street Netherfield Nottinghamshire NG4 2LP
Ref. No: 2022/0153


No planning request this week


Demolition of proposed existing dwelling Detached 4 bedroom house, detached annex and detached triple garage
54 Longdale Lane Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9AD
Ref. No: 2022/0540

Proposed one-storey rear extensions and modifications to the existing roof. Carport proposed at the front.
30 Rowan Avenue Ravenshead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 9GA
Ref. No: 2022/0510

Project to extend the rear projection of the existing Farmshop (after the removal of the existing rear timber storage shed); and authorization is also sought for the extension of the perimeter of the northwest boundary (retrospective) and the maintenance of 3 no. cold rooms (retrospective)
Ravenshead Farm Shop at 131 Main Road Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9GS
Ref. No: 2022/0181

One-story side extension
36 Linwood Ravenshead Crescent NG15 9FZ
Ref. No: 2022/0038

Fallen T13. Raise the crown and prune T3, T5, T8 and T9
The Hollies Ravenshead Nottinghamshire
Ref. No.: 2021/1122TPO

red hill

Two-stage front and side extension and single-stage rear extension
18 Redhill Lodge Drive Redhill Nottinghamshire NG5 8JH
Ref. No: 2022/0258


Offered 2 detached 4 bedroom units on two floors with garages to the front.
Land on East Side Roe Hill Woodborough Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2022/0441

Certificate of legal development to regularize the use of the land as garden land / residential land
Ashvale Bank Hill Woodborough Nottinghamshire NG14 6EF
Ref. No: 2022/0331


Hill Bros premises which include a single storey workshop on the right side and a two storey office and reception unit on the left. Also included small rear units.
34 Marlborough Road Woodthorpe Nottinghamshire NG5 4GB
Ref. No: 2022/0527

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