Comox Valley Regional District Conservation Area Obtains Official Aboriginal Name – Comox Valley Record

The Comox Valley Regional District announced on November 25 that the park located upstream of Morrison Creek, which protects 22 hectares of aquatic and riparian habitat, has been officially named the qax mot conservation area.

qax mot location map

This land, zoned for conservation in Electoral Zone C, was purchased in 2019 in partnership with the Comox Valley Land Trust and made possible with the support of the Morrison Creek Streamkeepers. When purchasing the land, CVRD contacted the K’ómoks First Nation on its behalf. After consulting with Elders and knowledge keepers, Hegus Rempel informed the CVRD that the K’ómoks people had chosen the name qax word, which means a lot of medicine in the traditional language ayÌ“aÇ°uθəm (ayajuthem). Ayajuthem is a Coast Salish language shared among the peoples of K’ómoks, Tla’amin, Homalco and Klahoose. qax word is pronounced “qah (with an accent on the h) mote”.

“We are very proud to unite on this land called qax mot with the K’ómoks First Nation – our partners, friends and traditional custodians of this unceded land,” said Comox Valley Regional District President Jesse Ketler. “This park was purchased with the Comox Valley Land Trust for conservation purposes and is an example of how we can work together to support and protect the land and waters that support our community for generations to come.”

“The name of the word qax conservation area represents a small step in the right direction towards reconciliation,” said K’ómoks Hegus Nicole Rempel. “This ayajuthem name recognizes the long history of the traditional use of the land by our people, as well as the culturally important practice of gathering medicinal plants. Our partnership with CVRD is a prime example of how our communities can work together to responsibly manage our water and lands and protect them for future generations.

The qax mot conservation area is accessible from Lake Trail Road. Vehicle parking is available in the Linton Conservation Area, northeast of the park entrance.

From the park entrance, a 1.8 km trail follows an old road to Morrison Creek and bypasses a short loop trail to the Morrison Creek Bridge. Signs indicate the entrance to the park and the location of the trails. The southwest side of the qax mot conservation area is reserved for park visitors to help protect the sensitive habitat and wildlife living in this area of ​​the park.

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