Avon City Council to Consider Resolution Supporting Biden’s America the Beautiful Initiative


The city will consider a resolution that urges government entities to increase tools for local groups to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems as well as mitigate the impacts of climate change.
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The Mountain Pact encourages communities to show support for the Biden-Harris administration’s America the Beautiful initiative. And on Tuesday, July 13, Avon City Council will consider passing a resolution to support the initiative.

The America the Beautiful initiative was announced by the presidential administration on May 6, 2021, and outlines a 10-year plan to restore the nation’s land, water and wildlife.

The plan calls for an “effort to support locally led and voluntary conservation and restoration efforts on public, private and tribal lands and waters in order to create jobs and strengthen the foundations of the economy; fight against climatic and natural crises; and fight against inequitable access to the exterior, ”according to the statement from the US Department of the Interior.

This includes the following six priority areas:

  • Create more parks and safe outdoor opportunities in nature-deprived communities
  • Support the conservation and restoration priorities led by Tribally.
  • Expanding collaborative conservation of fish and wildlife habitats and corridors
  • Increase access to outdoor recreation
  • Encourage and reward the voluntary conservation efforts of fishermen, ranchers, farmers and forest owners
  • Create jobs by investing in restoration and resilience projects and initiatives, including the Civilian Climate Corps

The Mountain Pact is a lobby group that focuses on mobilizing local mountain governments to address issues that impact their communities. Many local governments in Eagle County have pledged to support the issues with encouragement from the lobby group.

Most recently, Avon City Council passed a resolution that pledged to support President Joe Biden’s executive order to temporarily suspend new oil and gas rentals on public lands. Earlier this year, the Eagle County Board of Commissioners along with Avon City Council and Vail Mayor Pro Tem Kim Langmaid signed a Mountain Pact letter urging the presidential administration to protect public lands.

In the overview of the Mountain Pact the Biden-Harris Administration’s America the Beautiful Report and Plan, it includes an important goal of protecting 30% of the land and waters of the United States by 2030. This is also known as the 30 × 30 goal and aims to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems as well as mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Although the presidential administration’s plan creates frameworks and goals for local, state, and national efforts, it does not describe what the efforts might look like. The Mountain Pact administration report highlights some potential efforts at each level of government.

Some of these efforts include the creation of more outer spaces and zones, with an emphasis on diversity, equity and protection efforts inland, as well as the identification of land and land areas. waters in need of protection and the creation of funds and plans to ensure the management and protection of these lands.

Another advocacy organization, The Center for Western Priorities, has also provided resources, through its program The Western Road to 30, on how Western leaders and governments can achieve this 30 × 30 goal. According to Western Road to 30, there are already a number of locally led conservation efforts in support of this goal, but the group also offers additional opportunities to support and lead additional efforts.

The draft resolution in the Avon city council package does not describe any of these efforts the city will undertake.

However, he is committed to supporting the initiative and urges local, state and federal leaders to “dramatically increase the tools and resources available to carry out locally driven conservation projects, and to facilitate good faith collaboration and conversations between all of the people living in the United States as we work together to address inequitable access to the outdoors and our biodiversity and climate crises. “

Locally, the city of Frisco, Pitkin County and the town of Carbondale have already adopted similar resolutions, pledging to support the 30 × 30 goal.

Avon City Council is due to consider this resolution on Tuesday, July 13. around 7:15 p.m.

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