April 1 Letters to the Editor

St. George Spectrum & Daily News

Conserve Southwest Utah

Conserve Southwest Utah, a grassroots, vocal environmental organization with a focus on smart growth and conservation of water, land, and air quality, has earned my respect and gratitude. And with their faith in data, science and common sense, they were right: conservation, not LPP, is the sustainable solution to stress on water resources. Managing growth, not the Northern Corridor to accommodate sprawl, will force us to make better decisions about using our earth resources to improve quality of life. Preserving the beautiful desert landscapes and complex ecological systems makes life better for us and, as Buddhists remind us, for all sentient life that supports and enriches our own. We live in a beautiful place — let’s keep it that way!

Scott Plummer

Santa Clara

Support small businesses

Utah has created a community full of individuals and businesses invested in empowerment and support. The welcoming environment has spilled over into the market, enabling more than 313,000 small businesses to operate successfully in the state during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses in Utah have been able to survive and thrive thanks to loyal customers and affordable digital tools.

A recent Connected Commerce Council survey found that 90% of small businesses use digital tools to interact with their customers. Inexpensive tools like online advertising, social media and back-office management provided by companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have equipped small businesses to compete and grow with creative marketing that would be too costly. otherwise.

Additionally, 84% of small businesses use digital tools to sell their products and services. More than four-fifths of small businesses use digital resources and tools for commerce and revenue. Without them, they would be unable to maintain the same flow of business without incurring high costs.

With small businesses accounting for 99.3% of all businesses in Utah, digital tools must remain available and affordable. Digital tools can ensure that small businesses not only operate, but also grow and succeed.

Gregory Mitchell


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