Altaf Bukhari Strongly Opposes Land Use Policy Change

Altaf Bukhari Strongly Opposes Land Use Policy Change

“Political decisions should be left to an elected government”

Posted on Dec 18 2021 | Author Agencies

Strongly opposing recent changes in land use laws announced by the government of Jammu and Kashmir, Apni Party Chairman Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Saturday demanded the immediate overturn of the decision which, according to him, “is fraught with consequences”.

Referring to the parliamentary speech of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Bukhari said in a statement to the GNS that the agricultural lands of Jammu and Kashmir are supposed to be protected by the government against any kind of manipulation of its land use status.

He regretted that many arbitrary decisions, including the recent one on land use policy, had been implemented, leading to an unwanted increase in alienation among the population. “Such political decisions are the prerogative of an elected government and the current waiver should refrain from taking unilateral actions that call into question its mandate,” Bukhari noted.

He said that in view of the assurances given from time to time by the Government of India in this regard and in light of the instructions of the Honorable Supreme Court and High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, no authorization should be granted. granted for the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes especially for non-domiciles of J&K.

“The High Court of Jammu and Kashmir has also banned the conversion of agricultural land to J&K due to the rapid decline in the mass of agricultural land and its repercussions on overall agricultural production which has seen a drastic fall over the years. past years, “he observed.

Bukhari said the latest decision on land use policy will open floodgates for non-farm activities and further increase the dependence of the people of Jammu and Kashmir on imported food grains to manage their food needs.

“There is no doubt that the utility of farmland at J&K has declined over the past decades due to population growth and housing needs, but the government should at least ensure that in such circumstances, land use change permits are not being granted in a frenzy and more. , not in favor of J&K non-domiciles, ”he noted. (GNS)

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