Conditions for applying for a credit card – all the little tricks are summarized!

It’s okay to always have something to go for and a little extra in your wallet for more difficult times – you certainly won’t argue with that either. Nowadays, credit cards are the solution to this, as well as being able to use various discounts and money back when used cleverly.

In Hungarian you make money by spending


The conditions for applying for a credit card are not too complicated. If you have thoroughly examined your financial situation, it is no problem if you have to pay multiple times your income and know that you have a credit card in your trusted hands, we will help you get it. In this tutorial, we’ll look at what you may need when applying and give you some tips to keep you running smoothly.

Clever use of a credit card can be completely free, and you can even zero in on your other bank charges with a refund, or even collect it for several months of home savings, or help you through a difficult financial period until you get straight again.

Want the biggest refund or credit line? Use the Humphry Clinker credit card calculator to find the plastic that suits you best!

Terms and Conditions for Applying for a Credit Card – Basic Requirements for the Borrower

Terms and Conditions for Applying for a Credit Card - Basic Requirements for the Borrower

It may not be too much of a surprise to tell you that some basic criteria must be met for using a credit card, since this is still a large amount that works best in the hands of the most knowledgeable, experienced, adult people. Here are the credit card requirements that must be met by each bank:

  • you can apply if you are over 18, that is, you are of legal age

  • if you have a permanent address in Hungary

  • and you have at least three months’ employment from which you earn income, and you are not on probation or notice

  • your income reaches the minimum required by the bank to apply. This is a higher amount for prestige cards, with a higher credit line, but you can get a credit card with a net $ 80,000 paycheck.

  • and you have an existing retail bank account for at least three months (or at least one month, and you can present an account agreement)

Of course, many times we get the question, why not just take out a loan (because credit card is a loan) for those who are most in need? Who is already on the Good Finance negative list?

Well the answer is very simple


Getting out of credit is not working. You get into a debt spiral that is very difficult to get out of – otherwise this is the case with debt settlement loans, which are designed to replace your expensive loan with a cheaper one.

These rules and the terms and conditions for applying for a credit card will protect you and your bank and help you make a conscious credit and borrowing. A financial institution can only work if it lends money to customers who can return the money. That is why you must have a mandatory proof of income, even if you want to apply for a credit card.

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