Car accident insurance

Entering the world of driving is not a difficult task. You do not need to be an expert, but to know some basic concepts and handle them correctly. One of the main ones is the Obligatory Insurance against Traffic Accidents or COIS.

What makes this product so special is that, as its name says, it is mandatory. You must have it yes or yes, if you intend to drive in Peru.

But why so much urgency that you acquire the COIS?

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Basically because it is the insurance that cares about those affected in car accidents, but does not cover any damage to the car. When a crash occurs, many times there are more affected, both inside and outside the car, who must go to the hospital and receive the necessary care, as well as the respective compensation. While the COIS ensures that medical care is granted, it doesn’t just work for that. If one of the victims was partially or totally disabled, a certain amount of compensation is also granted. All amounts are calculated based on minimum wages in force for the year the product is valid.

In case of death, burial expenses are also covered

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The COIS expires after one year of acquisition, at which time you must decide if you will continue with the same company or not. The ideal is always to see what the other options are, because to attract more customers, insurers offer quite attractive promotions and discounts. Happily, web comparators make your task easy.

In case of not having the COIS, your vehicle will be retained and you will have to pay a fine. Traveling is one of the best decisions you can make to clear your mind and meet new places. The car cannot be removed until you return with the papers that show that you have already purchased the insurance.

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