Best Money Saving Tips List

Are the Best Money Saving Tips in Search? Hunting for the best savings tips will surely make even the most sophisticated savings finder tired, with mediocre tips everywhere like mushrooms in the rain. For this reason, we put together a list of savings tips, the best of the best. We have Good Finance tips on our list to help you get your finances up and running on the team.

Travel and transport

Travel and transport

1. Change your car driving to cycling or walking. In particular, shorter distances of less than 5 kilometers can be easily cycled or walked. If you don’t have a lot of laptop, you can also commute by bike. At the same time, you can get exercise during the day and refresh yourself in the morning.

2. If buying a car is absolutely necessary and there are not enough savings, it is worth while competing for car loans. In addition to financing, it is also worthwhile competing with car service providers such as Autojerry.

3. Buy travel tickets early enough. For example, VR offers your savings tickets at a discount of around 50% if you start booking your train tickets well in advance. In addition, airline tickets can save you hundreds if you buy them well in advance.

4. Compare the prices of travel tickets and hotels. There are many travel ticket and hotel price comparison sites online that you can take advantage of. For example, SkyScanner compares airline tickets, Travel Emperor bus and train tickets, and compares hotels.



5. Reduce energy consumption. Turn off the lights when not in use and lower the indoor temperature to 20 degrees. Do not keep electronics in standby mode, devices in standby mode can also carry a surprising amount of electricity. Also, wash only full machine laundry or dishes.

6. Compete for all possible housing contracts: electricity contracts, broadband, mortgage, renovation.

7. If you are renting, it is a good idea to note vacant rental cabins in the vicinity a couple of times a month so that you are ready as soon as a cheaper and more comfortable rental apartment comes to market.



8. Invest in quality rather than quantity. Cheap clothes may not last very long, especially if you wash them frequently. For example, printed text can leave them out surprisingly easily. On the other hand, higher quality clothing can remain usable for years to come.

9. It’s worth visiting flea markets, too, because who knows what treasures their caches can reveal. You can find high-quality clothes at surprisingly cheap prices, and many people find that a slightly worn leather jacket looks more trendy than a brand new one.

10. You can also ask about your used clothes from friends or relatives. Maybe your big sister or brother has clothes they’ve grown up on. In addition, your friends may have wefts they no longer like or otherwise want to get rid of. You can also swap clothes with friends if there are wefts in your corner that you don’t need.



11. When shopping for food, pay attention to food prices per kilo instead of discounts. Even if a food item is on sale, that does not mean that it is automatically the cheapest. In addition, it is easy to compare prices per kilo of food, as all prices are standardized per kilo.

12. Collect food from your surroundings. In summer and autumn you can pick berries and mushrooms from the forest. If you like catching more you can go fishing or deer hunting. However, always remember your hunting and fishing permits. Some may even have space to keep their own vegetable garden, and for example, a city dweller may find a rental garden in their own neighborhood.

13. Get a credit card that accrues a payment benefit and will receive a discount on all grocery shopping in the same store group. The most popular cards in Finland are S-Etukortti and K-Plussa Mastercard.


14. A paid gym or group fitness card may be favorably omitted and you may want to invest in free options. For example, an effective workout can be done at home without weights, and if you have the right sneakers, you can also improve your running by running. You can also find free gym videos on Youtube for a variety of home workouts, and some online group exercise classes have free trial months that can be conveniently used.

15. If you are interested in Group Exercise, you may want to rent some sports facilities, such as a gym in the local school, with a little bigger group. A group of friends can go frisbeeing if there is a track nearby, and in the winter you can go ice-skating on the lake or skating on a school field.

16. As a student, it is a good idea to take full advantage of college sports, which provide many different group exercise classes. For example, in Jyväskylä you can spend all your college sports lessons for a modest 60 euros per school year.


17. Stop Unnecessary Monthly Magazine Subscriptions. You can borrow paper magazines from friends or the library. On the other hand, you will find a lot of free reading on many different topics. For example, the news of the day can be conveniently accessed from the news app downloaded to your smartphone, of which Ylen Uutisvahti is a great example.

18. Do not buy books from the store. Older relatives can have large collections of books, and you can borrow them from the library as long as you remember to return the books in time. On the other hand, you can also download many classic books for free on your smartphone: for example, Google Play or Apple Books can download Tolstoy’s War and Peace at no cost.

19. Do not rent movies or use a paid streaming service to watch them. You can watch some series and movies online for free. For example, at Yle Areena you can watch High Quality Movies without commercials, and at MTV’s Stage you can watch TV with commercials. On the other hand, you can also watch a regular TV almost for free, and record programs that you wouldn’t otherwise have time to watch on your set-top box.

Saving and budgeting

Saving and budgeting

20. Budget and plan your spending in advance. By making a savings plan, you make the systematic savings and you can plan ahead for major purchases. A monthly budget can help you identify new savings when you know where your money is going. It’s a good idea to download a free Excel budget.

21. Before shopping for groceries, it is always a good idea to make a shopping list beforehand to avoid any impulse shopping.

22. Set up a savings account so that you can immediately accrue interest on your new savings. With a savings account, your money is more secure than, for example, a volatile stock market and your money is protected by up to $ 100,000 in deposit protection.


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